Monday, August 21, 2006

Beware: Highly addictive!

But I am going to tell ya'll anyway because it's fun! Send a message in a bottle ! And if you wait long enough you might recieve a message in a bottle as well! Thanks to Stayce for passing this thing on.. just what I need another reason to sit at my puter ! ahaha no really this is super cool !

A couple thoughts: kiss your loved ones today.... you just never know when you might be without them. Not only did I attend my uncle's funeral service today but it's also the anniversary of the death of my Brother-in-law Tim Mathias. I know I spent a few extra minutes kissing my kids and hubby tonight.

I am outtie here for a few days ladies and gents. I am going to spend 2 days at our neighbors cabin up in Nothern WI. Looking forward to spending some quiet (well it might not be so quiet with 5 kids), peaceful ( or peaceful) and relaxing( or relaxing, but I am still looking forward to it.) time with friends and family.

I will be back with some awesome pics I hope. Have a good one!

Peace Out!