Thursday, September 21, 2006


By the way, if anyone knows how to do these links without seeing all the link, can you let me know. I can't get it to work the regular way on my blog. Thanks :)


Dawn said...

morning Becky... your site is looking good :) just checking out the link (I just added you - hope that's OK?!) Love the sliding LO's xx

Holly said...

Hey Becky--

If you write you post normal like:

I found these stamps here... you highlight the word here then click the button on the top that says link and enter your link there.

The word here will turn blue and be connected to that link.

Hope that makes sense to you :D

Dawn said...

Morning babe

I see Holly sorted you out LOL and you've got it all sussed.

Hope you have a great weekend xx

Becky Heisler said...

Yep,I got it all sort it out! Thanks Holly :)ahahaha I didn't even see that option on there. DUH!