Friday, September 29, 2006

Lots of photos to share !

I took the kids on a hike through a really pretty park and some trails that run in the woods along a creek. It was just a beautiful day, the sun was streaming through the brightly colored trees, casting a warm light through the woods *sigh* I love fall !

On a less happy not I can't believe all the terrible things that have been happening in the schools lately. Wow and about 2-3 different things have happened right here in cow country in the last 3 weeks. Makes me just quesy thinking about how this type of behavior in our youth and how it might effect my own children some day. If you pray... get on your knees and pray for our youth!

My little guy lost his front tooth this week! He was so excited and so was I because it started turning black like the nerves were dead and I was getting nervous thinking I was going to have to take him to the dentist to have it pulled out! WHEW !!

These pics were taken in my front flower garden. I think this is an Obedient plant and of course my girl Chloe.

I can't wait until tomrrow night! Dan and I are going on a date !!! I love date nights with my hubby. We are going out to dinner in Appleton, not sure where yet and then going out for a movie. We both have been waiting and waiting for the movie The Guardian to come. It opens tonight !

We're also taking the kids to te Farmer Fest at the local Farmer's Market. Pumpkin carving,hayrides, picking out pumpkins. Can't wait !

God Bless!


Holly Lane said...

Great photos Becky!

Nicole said...

Beautiful photos Becky!
Date night, what's that!:)
Hope you had a great one with you hubby.

Dawn said...

great pics Becky... your 'babies' are adorable. Enjoy date night :)

ScrapScene said...

Congratulations on your MM Idol finalist rating! I love your altered item entry.

Becky Heisler said...

Thanks so much Angie!