Thursday, October 05, 2006


Happy Thursday everyone !

Well, I didn't make it into the Top 5 of MM Idol, but that's ok. I was disappointed at first, but I am thrilled to have gotten in the Top 20 out of 1,000's. What an honor !

Hey, for those of you who love contests and a good challenge, come join the Super Bowl Scrapbook Challenge at !! It runs similar to the IDOL actually, only a little slower . There are 4-5 eliminations and one winner announced on Super Bowl Sunday.

Usually fall is my favorite time of the year but this year has been really bad for my allergies. I am not enjoying it very much. I have a terrible sinus headache again today.On the bright side, the colors are gorgeous right now! Here is a pic of some gorgeous colors around here.

Have a good one! God Bless!


Ash&Bill said...

that's a beautiful pic, where were you?

Anonymous said...

i think you are awesome for making it into the top 20. I'm proud of ya girl.

Dawn said...

You should be extremely proud to make the top 20 - hey, their loss they didn't pick you. Love the Autumn pic BTW :)

domestic goddess said...

top 20 becky is fab, dont beat yourself up about that
i am up for the superbowl i loved it last year

ana said...

jolie photo!!!!