Thursday, January 25, 2007


Boy, what else is new ? Ummm, I got to go visit my great-newphews Cameron and Dawson the other day ..oh yeah and my neice. So nice to see the boys. Here are a few pics of the kids . I am always amazed at how much Cameron (the older boy) and Chloe look alike!

My mom made the cutest stinkin' hat for Chloe this week !! I LOVE that she makes her all these adorable hats.. makes for some awefully cute pictures !!

Another one of my boy Zach.. I can't resist those dimples and that tootless gap in the front!

It's been so insane around here .. we started our newest Bible study class this past Tuesday.. this one is 18 weeks long! We will take a break in the summer, so at least it'll be split up a bit.

My Dad and Jo are taking the kids to a water park hotel Monday-Tuesday.. I am really looking forward to a little free time, I have a bunch of assingments I am working on right now for a new book that Memory Makers is coming out with. It's all layouts that have: 1. Textures,2. Slides and Flips,3. Spins and Shakes,4. Pop Ups,5. Mini Books. Cool huh ?

That's about all that's new lately round' here.

God Bless!


.jess. said...

oh my gosh, that is so awesome girl!!!! I just saw that link the other day!!!! very cool, sign me up!!!!! so when the heck are we gonna scrap at the Shack????

Lala said...

WOW! That is so cool. Good for you! COngrats! This is such a big new adventure! And I love the pics of all the kiddos! The gap toothed grin is a winner!


Dawn said...

WOW Becy - how exciting is that - good for you mf.. WTG - hope its a runaway success - keep me informed of anything new won't ya chicky :) xx

Holly Lane said...

I want to scrap with you and Jess!! :D

Love the pictures and CONGRATS on your new project!! :D
I can't wait to hear more about it! :D

Leslie said...

I want to be your first customer!

Latharia said...

Great pics and good luck on the store!! :)

Dawn said...

Where are you girl... did you get buried under the piles of cardstock... need a hand... hope things are going well :)