Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Well, the MM Idol news is that MM is still having troubles with the site and voting is down yet. They're reassuring us that everything will be good soon. I still don't know when voting will be ending, but I am assuming once it's up it will continue awhile longer to make up for how long it was down. If you haven't voted, please keep checking back and place your vote!!! They said last time that just a couple votes separated those who went on and those who didn't.. so your vote is important.. and make sure it's for me !! LOL

I entered another sort of Idol contest and that was through Scrap-Tastic. I made it through to the Top48 as did my friends Holly and Jessica. Jessica dropped out because she has been really sick though, sorry Jess.. hope your feeling better! Good luck Holly !
So here is my layout for the first challenge -we had to use lyrics in a song for the title( mine is a song from Brad Paisley), 3 different pattern papers and one or more techniques.

I have some exciting news, Christine( idea book editor) from Memory Makers, emailed me saying this "We will be using one of your layouts for our temporary cover that the sales staff will use to pre-sell the book." she also said she can't guarantee that it will be used as the final cover.... but still wooohooo !!!!!!

On a personal note, I am still sick. My ears are plugged... I HATE that!! It is just the most annoying feeling. Hopefully this ends soon. Chloe is staying home from school today, she's not feeling to great either... cold and cough. Poor thing.

We're under another winter storm warning, we are suppose to get 5-10" of snow in the next couple days, mixed at times with sleet and freezing rain.. oh JOY!

God Bless!


Holly Lane said...

I've been trying to vote for you Becky--seems like I'll be waiting until the 5th ;)

We are going to get all that snow too--they are saying up to 20 inches! YIKES!!

Good luck to you too Becky at Scrap-Tastic--- your layout was awesome! :D