Monday, March 12, 2007

Ice Fishing

Ok, so if you're not from the upper Mid-west.. you might not have a clue that we fish on a frozen lake! But we do, and it's fun!!! We went yesterday and took the kids, first time for my hubby,my son and my daughter. It was a blast. We took the dog and Grandpa Steve. The kids hooked the dog up to their sled and she pulled them around the lake, it was too funny! Both Chloe and I ended up stepping into one of the holes in the ice .. umm yea, that's a bit chilly on the toes! Here are a few pics of our adventures on the ice!

God Bless!


Holly Lane said...

soooo fun!!
We didn't get to go this year, the weather was sooo weird! LoL

Great photos! :D