Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happping National Scrapbooking Day !!!

Wow .. I mean really, a national day just for those of us that scrap. That's is pretty cool !!!! For those who don't scrap.. give it a try today. Take a picture and tell a story about it, you'll be hooked for sure.

On the personal home front, nothing to exciting to report. I am on the yearbook committee at Zach's school and I am finally done taking the pictures I need to take.. whew that was a bit stressful at the end.
Chloe had a little art fair at school, it was so cute. It took all of 20 minutes, but ehhh it was worth it :)


Lala said...

Becky- I can only see the last picture... but she is sooo stinking cute.. hope you had a great NSD!


dawn said...

I can only see the last pic too Becky... but it's an adorable one. Hope all is going well with the business :D