Monday, January 21, 2008

Seriously... I've had my fill and a RAK

I have totally had my fill of snow for the year! CRIPES, it has snowed here, like significant amounts of snow every week for weeks! I am so tired of complaining children- Ii don't like boots, I hate this thick jacket, it's to cold...ect.. ect ..ect and snowy roads and a snowy slippery driveway and a snowy dog, and on top of that it's been colder than crap here, we're talking -24 below last night with the wind chill. OK, I am done complaining now I promise!!

My DD ( who is 5) and I were watching A Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff they other day,
and the end where they did that little skit about her in front of the whole school, and she is on her bed crying ... my DD starts crying! awwww she is a chick flick movie lover just like her mom!
She looks at me like... OMG what is happening to me.. why am I crying ?? LOL She said "Mom I feel so bad for that girl... I don't like to see people crying". I swear that girl is going to be the next Mother Theresa! My good friend Michelle from AMM, her daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia about 3-4 months ago and we started praying for her daughter Chloe every night during dinner, and every single time my Chloe would just start bawling at the dinner table, because she felt so bad for her. She makes my heart just melt! She is so sensitive to others feelings.. well except her brother! LOL I guess you can't have everything!

OMGosh have you see the CRATE PAPER SNEAK ??? ohhhhhh my it's gorgeous! We were talking HERE about what we think will be the hot trends this year.... and butterflies came up a lot... and sure enough, they are showing up in a lot of sneak peeks !!! If you are looking for a great place for sneaks AMM has a ton - go check them out!

Tell me what you think will be this year's hot trends and you might get picked for a sweeet RAK! Leave a comment here and I will do a random drawing Thursday morning!! I get a picture of the RAK up tomorrow, so stay tuned!

God Bless!


Nicole said...

you aren't the only one sick of snow! it came down all day today and another storm is predicted to hit in a couple of days . . . here's hoping we both survive the winter;)

shaina said...

Well, I am interested in Hambly. I've been loving their transparencies lately. I also would love to see what Cosmo Cricket has up their sleeve! Your rak looks amazing!

Jen Sue Wild said...

I guess my post did not post last night.
I am sorry about all the yuckey snow I am tottally sick of it too.

I am kinda clueless as to the new trends . I think butterflys adn brds are going to be seen a lot more. I would like to see more vintage papers. I know this sounds strange but I think mushrooms are going to be the in thing..

krista said...

i don't know how you do the day to day life in the snow. i would never leave my house! :) this so cal girl admires you for stickin it out and dealin with it being C O L D and snowy!!!