Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Creative Therapy

Here is my layout for Creative Therapy's #13 catalyst!
The catalyst was- To Thank Someone, and I wanted to thank my good friend Karen. I talk to her almost every single day.
Here is what I had to say about my layout-

Becky Says:

I talk to Karen almost every single day, we’ve gotten to know each other and it’s amazing to me that you can create such a bond of a friendship through cyber space,but it happens all the time. I wanted to thank her for her friendship because I have come to rely on her constant source of support and advice. Love ya girl!

Journaling Reads:

I am so glad I got a chance to “meet” and know you. You are such a genuine person and so giving. Thank you Karen, for being a great friend and such a wonderful person!

It is also the new amazing Cosmo Cricket Hello Sunshine line, isn't it gorgeous ? You can get some at AMM if you are interested! :)

God Bless! Thanks for stopping by! :)


La- said...

I love that page.. and it is so cool to have those kinds of friends in your life!


Julie O. said...

Hey Becky!! Good friends named Karen are VERY precious. I have one too.

Love your beautiful layout with your yummy CC!!

Anonymous said...

Becky, I LOVE your page. I agree, Karen is an amazing friend...and so are you! Hugs!!!


Dayami said...

Hi Becky! How are you, sweetie? Loving all these pages you've done lately...well, I've been your fan forever!
Hope you are doing great!

Staci said...

Hi Becky! I can't believe I have never been by your blog! I've just had so much fun looking around :-) I adore that new CC layout you posted - it truly is a gift how the internet has been able to connect people who would have otherwise never met! I love your work so much, and I have to tell you that your "Angel" layout several posts back is jaw-dropping GORGEOUS!!! Have a great holiday weekend :-)

Megan said...

Hi Becky, just wanted to pop over and say congrats about Chatterbox!! So awesome!! Good Luck for it!!