Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So much inspiration in one place

WOW, now I could sit and look at Heather Bailey's blog and her store all day long! She has the brightest,cheeriest colors and patterns. They just make me happy ! Her hubby's photography is amazing to drool over as well. Man, it would just be awesome to have that much creativity and inspiration around all th time! ahhhh I guess I will just sit and drool.

Holy molely batman, the CBX DT is going to be announced today! Talk about being a bundle of nerves! So far, I haven't gotten an email.... after I took another look at that list of finalists, I am not really holding my breath. But a girl can always dream right ? I can't wait to share what I made, I was really happy with how my layout turned out and for my second choice I made jewelry out of the embellishment! I will so be wearing the items I made too, I think they are adorable! I made a necklace, bracelet, earings and a ring. I can't share yet because I am not sure I can, but I will as soon as I can.