Friday, August 29, 2008

Twilight Fanatic

yeah, I admit it. I am hooked on this series. I finished Breaking Dawn a few weeks ago and I am so sad that it's over. I want it to keep going and going. I never thought in a million years that I would like this kind of story, never would have appealed to me. Good thing I didn't really know what they were about when I started reading them! The census seems to be either, you LOOOVE these books or you don't like them at all. My mom, go through the first book and it ready to give them all back to me, she didn't like them. My Aunt Cindy, said she is loving them just like I did!
It's fun to talk to someone who loves the story and has read the books! Can't wait for her to read all of them, because I can't say to much now, or I will give a way all the good twists and turns.
They are coming out with a movie for Twilight this fall. Can't wait!

Twilight New Moon Eclipse Breaking Dawn

My niece had an open house for Upper Case Living last night. I ordered 2 more things ... yikes my whole house is going to be plastered with those things. I got a saying that says- " In Our Home, Let love Abide, And Bless All Who Enter Here." and then I got Zach a flaming baseball for his room.

Alright, I have to point out this amazing altered vase thingie, is this not OFF THE HOOK gorgeous ? Katie Watson created this for the Pink Paislee blog. The instructions for this beauty are right on the blog, so make sure you take a peek and leave Katie a little love.

Well I will leave you with this beauty of inspiration!

God Bless!


Katie Watson said...

Hey Miss Becky!! How are you? I always watch for your gorgeous work! Thanks for posting my project on your blog. That was so cool to see when I went to your blog! Surprise! ~Katie

fleckster said...

Dang if I didn't get hooked on those books, too! Rachel sent me the first one for my birthday and I devoured the next three. :) Have you read The Host yet? It's very good, too -- much different from this series.