Friday, June 16, 2006

I am horrible..

Ok, I am so horrible at this blogging stuff ! I am going to seriously make more of an effort to do this, well if not daily at least weekly. The first thing I have to warn you about, I can not spell worth a crap.

This week has been another long week. Dan had knee surgery 2 weeks ago and had to go back to work this week. It is amazing how I could really get use to having him around everyday. He is pretty useful ! LOL no seriously, I feel bad that he had to go back, he really could have used more time, but you know how it is, no work -no paycheck. Doesn't make life very easy when you have a family and bills to pay.
Zach is plugging away at his Taekwondo. We were the proud parents last week,they will be testing for different belts coming up July 15th or so I think, so what Master Soon does is, each week he watches how they conduct themselves and if they work really hard and of course how their form,punches and kicks are.Each child has to get yellow,green,blue,red,and black tape around their belt BEFORE they can even think about testing. Each tape color represents something, so yellow is for punching and so on. Zach and one other little boy were the only ones to get their first ever tape !!! He was so proud that he got yellow tape , he was just beaming!
Taekwondo has been such a wonderful experience for Zach, I would recommend it for anyone with active boys or girls. They not only teach the moves but also things like self control, how to follow directions, and respect. Major on the respect part. When asked what their mother or father's names are they must say Mr 0r Mrs. Heisler. They can't use our first names. Well anyway, we are so proud of him, I just can't say enough good things about it.

Chloe went to her first birthday party today. She had fun, but it was soooo hot, I think she and Zach were just wiped right out by the time we got home. They are both taking naps right now. UGH, I dont' know what it is but they just can't seem to get along to save their souls. I am ready to rip out my hair, when is school staring up again? LOL If anyone mom's out there have any advice for fighting siblings, please post. They are 6 & 4years old. It doesn't seem to just be a phase either, I wish I could have had those rare children who just loved each other and get along fine, or is that just a fantasy ?

I have to send out a big thanks to Basic Grey and Amy Howe for posting in the BG newsletter how to edit your photos using layers through PSE. I FINALLY get how to use layers!!!!!!!! I couldn't be more excited. What a huge difference ! So thank you Amy !!!!

Well I better get cracking, I have some assingments I should be working on. If you haven't heard of Memory Creators and their kits, you should take a peak. Stayce puts together the awesomest kits evah !!!!!! off to work ! :)


Stayce said...


thanks for the compliment chica! You guys are what make them beautiful!