Saturday, June 17, 2006

Holy hotness !

Wowza it is a scorcher today. I filled up the kids little pool today and sat by it with them for about 1/2 hour and almost had heat stroke! LOL That is one bad thing about Wisconsin. It goes from one extreme to another. We are terribly humid here most of the time which only magnifies the heat.

Dan and I are going out for dinner tonight with Chloe. Zach is at a birthday party until after dinner. Boy it's nice to just have one child for a couple hours, give that child some one on one. I can see a change in my kids when I spend one on one time with them. They are so much better behaved. Now, if only I had 2 of me to split me up all the time, sure would make life a tad easier.

I have really been thinking about why I sit down to scrap and nothing is coming to me. I have been scrapping so infrequently this year that I feel like I have lost some of my creativity I once had. I am much more into simple scrapping these days, nothing complicated, nothing that takes extra time and messing with. I rarely submit anymore. I just plain don't have the time. It always did amaze me how much time it takes to submit, with all the info you have to put down for each layout.I am really hoping this turns around when school starts and I have one in Kindergarten. I just have a nagging feeling that Chloe will be clingier because she has no one to play with. We shall see I guess. With my scrapping life a bit on hold and feeling NO love from the mags because I don't submit, my attitude in general has been down lately. SO, I am going to list the simple blessings that I take for granted an daily basis.

1. I have a healthy family
2. We are not starving by any means.
3. I have wonderful life long friends that love me.
4. I have a very loving and supportive husband.
5. I have placed my faith in Jesus Christ and need to remember that in all situations!
6. I live in a small town with a relatively low crime rate.
7. I get to drive by a lake that is bright teal and the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen every day.
8. We are not rich by any stretch, but we make it work and enjoy what we have.
9. I have a hobby ( although it's so much more than a hobby, it's a stress reliever, a get away just for me, a creative outlet and a challenge to learn more about myself and my family, try and capture who we are each time I scrap)that I am passionate about and actually preserve our family memories at the same time.
10. I am often told that I have very polite children. Which I need to remember because they aren't the same at home. I think respect and politeness is a dying discipline parents are robbing their children of.

Well on that note I am outta here. Chloe just woke up from her nap and we are off to dinner! Peace!


Wanda E. Santiago said...

Hey beautiful I know how you feel!! Love ya and please keep creating! Hugs Wanda

Dayami said...

Oh Becky-boo, we love you!!!!!!