Thursday, June 29, 2006


Ah yes, another typical day at my house lately. The kids are goofing off so we're late going to summer school. I HATE being late, hate it hate it hate it. Makes me very cranky. As I am flying down the back roads to school, my SUV decides it's going to start chugging and smelling really hot, like, radiator fluid almost.So I made me son run into school by himself today, poor kid, and I ran to my hubby's work to take his truck and leave him with my piece of junk and I get in the truck and of course it has NO gas.. errrrrrr ! This is not how I like to start my day.I guess on the bright side, it can only go up from here today right ?

I still have no digital camera. I had a camera in mind and went to look at it and the salesman talked me right out of it. The most expensive camera at American and the man is talking me out of buying it !!!!!!! HEEELLOO ????? are you for real ? He said as far as digital cameras go, if you don't go SLR, not to waste your money on anything more than 6.0 megapixels because the printers at places like WalMart or Walgreens, or where ever you get your pics developed can't print any higher resolution than 6.0. Therefore, you are just wasting those megapixels and a lot of money. hmmmmm I just don't know if I believe that..... interesting theory though, I have to investigate that more.

I am so glad summer school is done today, man, I tired of running so early in the morning. I can see how much I am not looking foward to starting Kindergarten where I have to have them up and ready, and at school by 8am everyday all year long. ewwwwww Not my bag ! Should be interesting!

Well I am outtie ! Peace.


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