Saturday, June 24, 2006

Fun parent day

Today was a fun day to be a parent. Zach's first friend birthday party. He invited 7 little boys over . It started off raining this morning,I prayed all morning that it would break for the party and sure enough,it stopped early enough for everything to dry up a bit and then 15 minutes before the party was over, it clouded up and we could hear thunder in the distance.
I think the brightest moment was when (I thought my heart would just burst) we were all gathered around the table singing happy birthday to him.The look on his face was pricless, it was a I feel so special and so happy right now look. He was just beaming, it makes all the work and headache of all the details worth it !


Wanda E. Santiago said...

Happy Birthday to your big boy, I love moments like this!! Hey beautiful he is lucky to have you!! Hugs Wanda

Dayami said...

Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to Zaaaaaaaaaaaaach! Happy Birthday to you...yyyyyyyeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Zach!

I love your logs baby! :)