Saturday, August 05, 2006

Lot going on..

Oh my gosh, so much going on here lately! We have been very busy. Chloe started her 2 weeks of Ballet classes, we had a very nice visit at my Dad's Friday night and yesterday I got to go to my best friend of 20 years (that is just so amazing to me !) new house. She had gotten married 2 years ago and this is the first time I have gotten to go and see where she lives. She has 3 horses and a very nice barn set up with a large indoor and outdoor riding area.We just had an amazingly fun day. We went in and pet the horses, which I never wanted to stop doing. We swam in her pool and walked around her yard and her HUGE garden. Wow that girl has some seriously large veggies in her garden. The kids just followed the horses around the fences feeding them apples all day. Chloe cried when it was time to leave, that made Holly feel really good!

Later last night when we got home and the kids were in bed, about 11:00pm Zach woke up and was just inconsolable. After trying to get out of him what in the world was wrong, which was something different every time we asked him, we finally decided to take him in to Urgent Care. Dan and I talked about it and it was like he was on an acid trip or something. He was just talking out of his head. I was so scared, I have never heard anything talk like this and certainly not Zach. He was saying that animals were getting him and that he was scared of the monsters in the street from his Spider Man video game ..just the strangest thing. The boys got back about 2:30 am and not with any real diagnosis either. He has Pink Eye and the start of Tonsilitis. They to me doesn't explain why on earth he was talking to weirdly. He could talk to us though, so it wasn't a Night Terror. Just very strange, but he is fine today. Who knows! We are doing nothing today but hanging around the house, playing with the kids. Zach is currently obsessed with playing a Pirate PC game. I have to admit it is highly addictive, I spent 3 hours one morning playing with him. shhhhhhh

That is certainly enough for now! ahahaha way to much excitment for me!

Peace out !


Wanda E. Santiago said...

BEautiful photos looks like you have been busy!! Hugs Wanda

Dad said...

Nice page Becky.
The cutest Grand Children I've ever seen.