Saturday, September 09, 2006

Back in the Saddle

Hi everyone, whew it's been an interesting coupla weeks! I was pretty sick last week,but feeling much better now. Zach started Kindergarten this past week as well. He did really well,although I think the long days are going to take some getting use to for him. Chloe and I tagged along on his first class field trip this last Friday to Mosquito Hill Nature Center in New London. While there, we got to watch a video and see first hand the life of a Monarch caterpillar and it's morph into a butterfly. So very cool. We found a caterpillar in the yard about a week and a half ago and the kids wanted to keep it so we found an ice cream pail and put in there with some grass and the next day went to check on it and what do you know .. it formed it's chrysalis on the top of the ice cream lid. So we are awaiting the arrival of our very own Monarch Butterfly.

Chloe is starting 4-5 year old preschool on Tuesday. She is really looking forward to it. Although they fight morning,noon and night she misses her brother when he is at school and this will be a good distraction for her.

Ok, school has been in session what... a week ? and I have been hit by 3 neighbor kids pushing fundraising stuff at me already. Petesake ! They handed them out ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. Geez nothing like working into these things. Not only do I feel like I have to purchase something from them because my kids will come home with the fair share of fundraiser stuff , but what really irks my butt is that you have really struggle to find something you even remotely want. Crap .. it's all crap,and for what ? At least get an organization that puts out things that people will use. Not like $10.00 rolls of wrapping paper !! Who in their right flipping mind is going to pay that for wrapping paper ? Not me! Ok, hopping down off my soap box now....

Ahhh I am loving the cooler weather. It's only 63 degrees here today, right up my alley. My house is clean and spells of pumpkin pie spice and shortbread cookies. I have about 5 candles lit.
It's opening weekend of the Apple Orchard stand and oh yeah baby I got some fresh off the tree Macintosh apples. SAAAWEET ! Gotta love that. Fall is my FAVORITE time of the year, it makes me feel cozy and warm. Time to cut some wood for fires at night and pull out my fuzzy blankets and curl up. I also get an urge to bake a lot in the fall, not really sure why that is but I do.

Well that's it for now. The kids are out building forts in the woods and I am off to work on some scrap crap I gotta have done this next week. So have a good one !

Oh and I just have to share my excitement- I got 3 layouts picked up for an upcoming Toddler idea book for Memory Makers and another layout got picked up for the Style idea book Memory Makers has coming out soon. Woo-hoo it was a good week! Also- if you get a chance to watch the next round of scrap stuff on QVC I will have some stuff on during the Die Cuts With a View segment! Watch if you can.



Ash&Bill said...

Awww...Zachy is such a stud for his first day of school!! Good thing the good looks run in our family!!! haha...glad you're feeling to you soon..
love, ash

Nicole said...

so glad you are feeling better!
you have such cute kiddos:)
and congrats on the pubs that is so exciting!

Holly Lane said...

Thats great for you Becky!!! :D

Kindergarten is such a big step isn't it? I'm going through all that here too!

Glad you are feeling better!