Thursday, September 14, 2006

This and That

Lots of stuff going on here this week. Chloe started school this week, which she just loves. We are all still trying to adjust to the crazy schedule we are keeping this year. Early mornings and looooong days makes for some cranky kids, but we are hanging in there and hopefully next week will be better. Our butterfly came out of his chryslis on Chloe's first day of school. We had to let him go in the rain, poor butterfly.That was just the coolest thing to watch, from picking him up in the yard as a caterpillar and watching him shed his skin and from the chryslis and then watching it change and finally becoming clear and revealing a beautiful Monarch Butterfly and then finding it totally out and fluttering around in the bucket.. totally amazing.
Here are a few shots of Chloe's first day of preschool and the butterfly.

I want to shout out a HUGE congrats to my friend Carolyn, who just got an email from Creating Keepsakes wanting to make her handwriting a FONT !!!!! She does have gorgeous scripty handwriting, I know I will be buying it when it comes out !! So CONGRATULATIONS Carolyn !!!


Ash&Bill said...

Chlo-mo looks gorgeous like always!
Glad to hear she likes school, maybe you will get at least an hour alone now! ha-what will you do with no kids now!

Nicole said...

She is so adorable!
Glad everyone is started to adjust.
Such cool butterfly pics:)

Holly said...

Love the butterfly pictures! We did that for the first time this year and the kids just loved it!

Your DD is super cute!