Friday, October 20, 2006

goings on

Lots of things going on this week! I found out that I took 2nd place in a local amateur photography contest. I was excited. Didn't get any great prize or anything but my photo will most likely be used in a brochure for the nature trails we have here.

I also have my first testing for a higher belt this Sunday. I am soooooo nervous I can hardly breathe! We have to get in front of everyone and break a board (which I have never done yet or even practiced with a real board) and do our punches and our kicks and a few other things. OY ! I hate getting up in front of people !! Basically you don't break your board,you don't pass to the next belt!

Hobby Lobby had 50% off all rub on's so I got the American Craft Mini Marks Accents book 1 and 2.I am pretty pumped to use them. I have wanted them for awhile. I saw the coolest photo album while I was there and it had a really cool design on the cover,so I copied it down on a grocery receipt ! You will probably see a layout using this design very soon! I'll let you know which one it is when I do it.

I am going to a Creative Memories party with my neighbor tonight .. oh goody... I really dislike CM but she asked me so I accepted. This should be a real hoot. Now.. take your PLAIN WHITE sheet of paper and cut all your photos with your circle cutter and then mat them all with your circle cutter and paste them on your plain white sheet of paper and you're good to go ! LOL kind of a stero type, but geez it's hard not to.

Well I better go print off my 3 photos I have to bring to cut into circles ! LOL Check ya'll later!

God Bless !


Kathy Bishop (aka scrappinkat) said...

wow that is cool, good luck on the board breaking!!!!

and I will be watching for that layout to BTW ;)

.jess. said...

good luck on testing!!!! cant wait to see your new LO! :) and I totally understand your comments about CM....I have to agree with all of them! ha! :)

Nicole said...

WOW! Board breaking . . . good luck Becky!!!:)

Congrats on the photo contest, which photo did you end up entering?

Hope you had some kind of fun at your CM party. . . even if you were inside laughing histarically! THose CM ladies crack me up!LOL

Holly said...

LOL Becky, I can't wait to see your CM layout ;)