Friday, October 13, 2006

SNOW ???

Ok, this must be some kind of record, the earliest ever cold and snow! It is freezing and snowing here,it just seems a bit to early for this !!!! I hope this isn't a precursor to how our winter is going to be.

Today is a much much better day. What a roller coaster life is! I got a very nice surprise this morning when I got up, my hubby has the day off and didn't tell me! It can't get better than that. He took Zach to school and is going to stay with him at school for a bit today,which I think is just awesome. It's good for him to feel a part of things,since he misses a lot of things because of work. He is just the best daddy ever!

Happy Birthday to my hubby my dad and my nephew Ethan, who all share the same birthday !!

I have some work to get crackin' on, have a good day ya'll!

God Bless !


Holly Lane said...

Happy Birthday to all "the guys" Becky!
Its been snowing off and on here also but so far not sticking!
Its WAY to early for Winter!

Dawn said...

SNOW??????????????????????? OMG, we want some of that LOL - never happy with what we've got eh. BTW, post will be flying your way Monday :)

Nicole said...

Snow . . . we've gotten some of that already. Thank goodness it all melted pretty quick like.

Have a good weekend lady!:)

Kathy Bishop (aka scrappinkat) said...

you can keep the snow for just a bit longer ;)

Hope you had a great weekend!

Jess said...

glad the snow didnt stay long. its gonna be a long winter. bhurrr