Thursday, November 30, 2006

A few memories.

Well, we finally got our tree up and decorated! I was beginning to think it would never get done but then again it's not even DEC 1st yet !!! ahaaha It seems like every year things just get busier and busier and the holiday season is just a blur. Decorating,shopping,wrapping,baking,parties and on and on and on and before you know it's all over. I would love to go back to the 50's-70's. I always wonder how the mom's did it all back then ? Dan's mom use to bake soooo much stuff for Christmas he says. Even know.. well not as much the last year or 2 but before that she would just make oodles and oodles of cookies and gave each one of the 6 kids a platter full... and I mean FULL. Once I was in Kindergarten my mom worked full time but still seemed to decorate like crazy, shop and wrap tons of gifts and bake a bunch. I feel like I could skip baking no problem.... but is that a memory my kids will remember ??? My mom never baked anything for Christmas ?? I don't want that.This year Zach is in a big Christmas program for school and it's at the church on Christmas Eve... so now I have to spend Christmas Eve at a church I don't really care for and most of the members truly believe because we don't go to their church we're going to hell.... hmmmmm things we do for our kids! The memory work he has to learn for this is INSANE for a kindergartener . Tons of songs and actual readings .. pete sake are these people for real ? He is already whinning about it and fighting me and we have like 3 weeks to go. large ((((((SIGH))))))
On a more positive note, I have a new page to share it's for a Monthly Design Team challenge for Memory Creators. Oh and while you're peaking at the DT challenge catch a glimpse of the sneak peak for the Dec. kit !! It looks like a gorgeous one!

God Bless!


Nicole said...

Becky I love this layout!
You did such a great job:)

Yes, Christmas seems to just get busier and busier, hopeing to get our tree up soon. Usually my house is decorated the week before thanksgiving . . . yeah i'm behind! lol!

.jess. said...

wanna come put my tree up now? :) I am so not in the xmas mood this year. Love your layout!!!! {{stay warm}}

Lala said...

Love the page.. you did awesome with the challenge...

I cannot even image baking for Christmas! LOL I was considering it this year.. but I didn't even decorate,,, sooooo


Dawn said...

Good morning chickadee... stunning LO mf and good for you putting up the tree :) xx

Leslie said...

Remember that the kids need to remember that it was fun too. Don't make it so stressful that you aren't having any fun.

I love having traditions.

Anonymous said...

love love love this layout.

I bake a little. I feel like i'm going to this year. (maybe) lol

M@rjolein said...

Love your LO.
Just passing by your gr8 Blog:)

Have a nice day:)