Monday, December 04, 2006

A day to remember

Yesterday was a day I hope remains in my kids minds forever. It wasn't that anything totally amazing happened but it was an awesome day. We took the kids to see Santa at the Mall, which is the first time we have ever done it at the Mall. (I have a terrible fear of losing one of my kids in a busy mall and not being able to find them. ) Then we took them to Build-A-Bear and let them pick their own animal, Chloe chose a kitty who she name Sarafina and Zach chose a dog who he named Fluffy. It was just soooo magical to watch their excitment and amazement while their animals were being stuffed and all the fun stuff that they get to do. We told them that these were a Christmas gift from Dan and I so we would let them make it today but then we would have to keep it until Christmas. Much to my amazement they didn't have a total melt down when it was time to hide them away for a few weeks. Zach wanted to give his one last hug and so did Chloe, it was to cute. I am so glad we waited to do this until they were a bit older, they understood what was going on and got a lot more into than I thought they would,especially Zach! It was just a really really nice day with them.... it feels like it's been a looooong time since we had a day like that. Here are a few pics from yesterday!

God Bless!


.jess. said...

awww, cute pic!! i wanna take trev to build-a-bear. maybe i'll take him down to appleton for his bday in march. :)

what a cute santa pic too!!!! we are going to see santa on sunday.

Holly Lane said...

Cute pictures!!
What a fun time and a great holiday memory!!
I want to do that with the kids too-- the only thing is they have soooo many stuffed animals already ;) lol

Lala said...

What an amazing day.. I am sure you will make it into an equally amazing scrapbook layout to help you cherish the memory forever!!

Great shots too!


Kathy Bishop (aka scrappinkat) said...

I love her stockings!!! Too bad they probably would not look too good on me lol.

They both look like they had a great time. How fun for all of you :D

Carolyn said...

awwwwwwww!! I love your photos & Seth picked the same dog as Zach!! (Seth made one for his 5th bd.)

Dawn said...

Hiya chick... missing ya :) I hope your chldren remember this day too - Santa AND Byild a Bear. I was standing at the shooting end of the stuffing pipe thingy (I was bearing black), Carly had chosen a Rudolph, she briefly took the animal off to reload another part of its anatomy, but forgot to take her foot off the treddle!!! I was covered, but it was sooooo funny. xx (blimey that was an essay)

Stayce said...

How fun! What a cute picture. I love build a bear :)

Marla said...

Hi Becky!!!! I just have to say that photo with Santa is priceless! And my gosh are those little stocking cute on Chloe!!!! We JUST took Liam to do this two weeks ago and he had the best time - it's a fun place isn't it!!!