Friday, March 02, 2007


I just have to say, I am having so much fun reading and learning about the other 50 MM Idol ladies. They are so sweet, I think we've all enjoyed all the emailing back and fourth. It will be sad to lose anyone of us, let alone 20. Just wanted to shout out and say good luck to all you wonderful ladies!

Well, we got some more lovely weather last night and it's still snowing today. Dan made a huge fort for the kids , it's so cool. You know the strange thing about kids now day, or at least mine anyway... is they don't or won't play outside by themselves. They either have to have Dan or I out there or a friend. We lived way out in the country growing up, and I really didn't have that much of a choice, but I played by myself all the time outside. I LOOOVED playing outside. I still do really. I got some pics, i will upload later. Gotta run and get something done today!

God Bless!


Vanessa Reynoso said...

Yes, it will be sad to lose will be a gray day for sure since I, too, have enjoyed the company and lovin', lovin', all the emails. Good luck to all!

Lala said...

I loved playing out side in the snow.. more fun with my brother and sister and the kids next door though! LOL

Congrats on the MM50 and I am just waiting for the voting to start!


Leslie said...

You're right. Kids don't play outside like we used to. But once they start they sure do enjoy it :)

Holly Lane said...

I loved playing outside in the snow when I was a kid and its sooo fun to see my kids enjoy it also! lol
How fun that your DH made a fort--- thats awesome!!

Good luck at MM Idol Becky, remind us when we can vote :)

dawn said...

I loved to play outside as a kid - without any worries - it's a shame our own kids can't do that safely