Monday, March 05, 2007

Today is the big day ..

Ok, today is the "Official" day to vote for the MM Idol !!!! Please go vote, voting starts today at 9amGMT or 10am Central and ends tomorrow at 4pm GMT or 5pm Central. This is it, hopefully, no more mix ups. I have been really laid back about this whole process up to this point, but now.. the nerves are coming on full force!!

We had a nice weekend. We went to the circus with the kids and the rest of Zach's preschool class. That was a blast. Yesterday I did my first little photo shoot with my niece's little boy. OMG he is just the cutest stinker ever!!! I've realized though, that I need some kind of better lighting. I know there are kits out there you can buy to make a home studio... I just may check into those. Do any of you have an opinion on which is better, just get a really nice shoe flash or if I should invest in an umbrella type lighting ?

Well, anyway here are a few pics from this weekend.