Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday the 25th

Well it's Sunday and Zach woke up with the stomach flu. JOY! Chloe has been running a low grade fever since yesterday I thought she would be the one to get sick...but nope out of the blue it would be Zach opening our door in a panic at 5am this morning telling us he feels like he going to puke. ahhhhh run to the bathroom !!!! He made it .. thank God!

Anyway, short little post today so I can go be a mommy to a sicky.. but for all you WI scrappers out there, there is a thread on 2peas about WI scrappers .. check it out and maybe you can find a new friend to scrap with : WI Scrapper thread.

Have a good one!

God Bless!


dawn said...

morning hun - hope you are all fighting fit this morning... have a great monday :)

Holly Lane said...

Sorry Zach was sick, hope he feels better!

Noah and Ciaara both woke up sick on Saturday night :(

Poor kiddies :(