Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hot Air Balloons !

I LOOOOOVE hot air balloons and I was not disappointed !!!!!! It was so much fun,each owner of the balloons has collector cards and hands them out to all the kids. Zach was beside himself with excitement to get all these cards. He even got a piece of the same material that the balloons are made out of and it glows in the dark.
Zach's birthday is coming up and he is so excited to go see Surf's Up the movie he can hardly stand it. My mom bought the kids a little pool for their combined birthdays, man will that thing be a life saver this summer... it is so hot here it's unreal!
Just some extra photos in here that are my new favs !!!!

This transparency book is AMAZING !!!!!!! Page Frames is coming out with these awesome puppies at summer CHA07. I can't wait, I will be ordering one for sure. They are a little pricey @ $24.00 an album, but ya know, it's just one of those must haves !!!!! LOL
I tried out for the Pencil Lines DT spot and they are only bringing on one DT member so ... wish me luck. I looove that site !!! I will find out for sure by Saturday.

Th th that's all folks !!!

God Bless!!


dawn said...

good morning hun - some great pics you have here - I especially love the one of the 2 girls - gorgeous and adorable

Lala said...

Gorgeous images!!! Nicely done! And that transparency book looks too cool!!


-leafa mcbirdie said...

holy suh-mokes girl -you've got some awesome pics here! looks like you've been having a fun summer!