Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy almost July 4th !!!

Drama in the Heisler house, yep that's what's been going on. My kids have majored in drama this summer... crying, screaming whining, you name it they can do it and do it so well! It seems like every time I turn around one of them got hurt doing God knows what. I guess I should be thankful because that means that they weren't sitting in front of the TV right ?
Both of them took their first tumble down our stairs this summer too. Wow, talk about freak a mother out . Zach was carrying his toys down to his room and tripped, landed on his tummy and slid a step or two. He cried like crazy. I think it scared him more than it hurt though. Chloe, had "high heels" on that were a little to big for her and she really took a tumble down the stairs yesterday. I watched it in slow motion, helpless and unable to stop it. Tripped face first landed on her stomach and her momentum made her go head over heels and on her face. She was screaming and I thought she broke her arm. She can move it but is still complaining that it hurts, so I don't know, we may end up taking her in yet. Her face has rug burns on it by her eye, poor thing. I think we have gone through like 3 boxes of band aids already this summer.

On a lighter note, we went to my niece's house this past weekend for her house warming party. It was nice to see some of the family that I don't get to see very often. We have such a small family and I loooove that. It's nice to get together and get to talk to everyone. Big families just don't seem to be as close, I think there is just to many different personalities in the mix or something.

It's raining to beat the band right now, hopefully the weather man is wrong about it raining tomorrow! That would stink if it rained, we go to the local parade in the morning then head down to the lake and have some lunch and this year, we might meet my aunt and her family at a lake and swim in the afternoon, so hopefully it won't rain. Fireworks later that night. My Mom's neighbors have this huge fest every year with a ton of huge fireworks so were able to catch those the other night. The kids are really into them !!!

Well, we are off shortly to go visit my dad and he is treating us all to a movie. We're going to be seeing Evan Almighty, hope it's good!!

Here are some pics from the last couple of weeks.

Happy 4th America !!!! Thank you to our troops for serving and protecting our country !!!

God Bless America !!


Leslie said...

The hardest thing is to watch one of your children fall and know you can do nothing to stop it from happening.

Your rain has moved over to Michigan.

Nicole said...

hang in there girl the summer will be over before we know it;)
Such fun pictures Becky!

Holly Lane said...

Sounds like my house!! :(

Hope you had a good 4th!!

Lala said...

Sounds like craziness.. but sounds like SUMMER! LOL Hope your summer is terrific... the rest of it. I love all the pics!!