Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas and AMM

Hey everyone! How was your Christmas ?? Ours was... well, it left a little to be desired! It was one thing after the other this year. First our coffee pot died in the morning on Christmas Eve, than I had to take Chloe in to Urgent Care for a spreading rash( which turned out to be a viral rash??) then we couldn't decided when or what or how to do Santa.. the kid's couldn't do their school church program because of Chloe's rash but we did go to our own church where their weren't to many kids to contaminate with the rash LOL and then Christmas morning, we wake up to no HEAT, we ran out of fuel over night. That's a whole separate issue that I won't even go into, so needless to say... I am glad it's over.

Have any of your kid's gone through a phase where they weren't excited about anything they got for Christmas ? Is this a phase or are my kid's just THAT spoiled ? I mean we were spoiled when we were little during Christmas for SURE, but I don't remember being so nonchalant about what I got. It was really disappointing !!! I worked so hard to get them the things they wanted.. well, some of what they wanted. My kid's have expensive taste and they are 5 and 7! Lord help me !I don't know... this Christmas was so off for me. :(

Anyway, on a much happier note, AMM has their full kit peek up already! Hope you all had a very blessed Christmas !!! God Bless!


Lala said...

Awesome stuff theree! And sorry Christmas was all kinds of trials for ya!! Here is to an awesome new year!!


Gina (frazzledmom) said...

Sorry about all those Christmas hiccups! Hopefully your week has improved and New Year is a good time for you. And I also hope that 2008 will be a fabulous year for you and your family.

I love that Jan kit! Should be getting mine in the next few days - cannot wait!

Theresa Tyree said...

Hey Beck! I'm so sorry there were so many curve balls to your Christmas celebration. My kids still get excited. I'm the one who doesn't get excited b/c I pretty much buy myself what I want thru-out the year so Christmas is just another day for me, besides it being Jesus's birthday. So I guess I'm the one who's spoiled at my house.

We missed alot of church this Christmas season, which I really regret because I love church especially this time of year.

That AMM kit is just SO juicy!! I really "need" it!!

I'm sure your New Year will be a big contrast to your Christmas and you'll be abundantly blessed in the days to come!

Bill & Ashley Dassow said...

Hey you! I want some new pics of my cute cousins up here ASAP!!! Jeeeez!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Hey Beckey Hugs..
It tottaly stinks when the Christmas spirit gets squashed...
That happened too me a few years ago and I hated the feeling..

I think your kids were just being kids. It doese stink when you work had to get them what they want and they just don't have the reaction you think they should..
Just waait it gets better when the are in there teens.LOL

Dayami said...

Hi chickie!
I sooo know what you mean! Did you read my blog? I got a KIDNEY STONE on the the 23rd, isnt that fun?!!!!
I hope your little one is better.
We did save Christmas day but forget about Christmas eve...and all the plans I had.
ME ;)