Monday, March 17, 2008

Creative Therapy and Got Sketch ?
A friend of mine- Karen Gruenberg started a new challenge blog called CREATIVE THERAPY. I am so happy and excited for her, but I am also excited because she asked me to join a very talented group of designers to work the weekly catalysts. This challenge blog is really different from the others out there in that, the designers are very diversified. We all design with different mediums and Karen plans on doing different medium challenges at well. So please come and play along!!!! The catalyst for Week One is now up and it is AMAZING! YAY! Congrats Karen!

I had the privilege to work one of Valerie Salmon's sketches this week for her blog Got Sketch ?
I did a layout about my neice's little one Dawson. She says he sits at the fridge all day and begs for food! LOL Typical boy! He is a little stinker, pushing his own chair over and crawling up onto the counter to reach food ! She caught him in the act and got some pics! ahahaa it just cracks me up!



I went shopping today for some new clothes for my new job- I fell in love with Lane Bryant! It's a women's clothing sto re for women's sizes only. I believe it starts with size 14 up to size 28. They have some really cute stuff! I am totally addicted now! I found two really amazing bra's... Victoria Secret bra's having nothing on these babies! LOL My mom and I were both so amazed by ho w much they slim your upper body. They really do their job.. seriously! I loved it so much I bought two ! Ahhhh it felt so good to walk out with s ome new clothes, it's been a really looooong time since I've went out and bought clothes for myself!

Well that's about all the news I have for today! Have an awesome

God Bless!


~Holly~ said...

Great Layout Becky!!

I LOVE Lane Bryant Bras!! Glad you had fun shopping :D

JgWM said...

I love shopping for others.
Thanks for your comments on AMM, my name is Gayle. Decided to check out your blog and I love Begger Boy. Tell his mom to just wait and see what he can eat when he get's older. History says... do not fill the refrigerator and freezer with food from Costco and go away for the weekend. All I can say is the house was spotless when I got home. Second lesson, don't clean before you leave. thanks again Gayle

Just started my blog and now my greenhouses have taken over my life, hence the delay in responding to your question.

Kerri Norrod said...

I love Lane Bryant bras! Sounds like you had fun shopping. Good luck with your new job.

trisha too said...

How could anyone turn that little beggar away?? What a doll!

Anonymous said...

very cute layout. I'm gonna have to check out Lane Bryant