Friday, October 03, 2008

Bella BLVD Artista !

I was asked to be a Bella BLVD Artista for the month of Novemeber! YAY so excited. Bella BLVD is close to my heart because it's located here in WI !! COOL HUH ? I want to give a shout out to my girls Hilde and Jessica Jo (also a fellow Wicsonsinite!) Congrats girls! Here is the announcement as seen on the Bella BLVD studio blog-

Jessica Jo Salber
Erin Wells
Dana DiGennaro
Becky Heisler
Paula Gilarde
Hilde Janbroers
(click on names to learn more and visit their blogs!)
Please help me congratulate these ladies!
These woman are very talented and so excited to share new ideas with you. Throughout October, November and December we will feature their work with Bella Blvd products! Thank you for all the submissions. It was so difficult narrowing down to only 6 Artistas. We received submissions from all over the world displaying such a variety of scrapbooking styles. There will be more opportunities to become a Bella Artista after the new year! Thanks to you, Bella Blvd has grown oh so much since our very first blog only 2 short months ago! Thank you again for sharing in all our excitement.


.jessica jo. said...

congrats Becky!!!! yay!!!

Jen said...

YAY!!! Congrats Becky!!

La- said...



Jennie said...

Congratulations, Becky!!

Hilde Janbroers said...

congrats to you too sweetie! So glad to see your name on the list too!

Anonymous said...

congrats girl

Stephanie H said...

Becky-congrats again on becoming a Bella Artista! We can't wait to see the awesome stuff you create with the products! Thank you for your excitement!

Melissa Ullmann said...

Congrats Becky!

shaina said...

Way to go, Becky!! Good luck.

Jen Sue Wild said...

Beckey that just Rocks big time!!!