Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My good friend Karen Grunberg is teaming up with NYC Scraps and coming out with a wonderful Holiday Mini book class! Karen is giving away free pass to her class to one lucky winner. So check out her blog and her class and I promise, you will not be disappointed! She is amazing! And congrats my friend, you rock! I am so proud of you! :)

On a personal note- my mom is telling me she is sick of looking at all my posts about my scrapbooking stuff (GASP! can you imagine ?) and wants to see more pictures of her grandkids. So this is for her... maybe she will stop complaining now!

Hilarious, Zach does NOT like to dig in the pumpkin. Normally, he doesn't' care about getting dirty but I guess he draws the line at oowey gooey stuff. As you can tell, Chloe doesn't seem to be bother by the slimy stuff!

Chloe can ride a 2 wheeler! This is a huge feat for this girl. She is not exactly the most athletic girl, she is a ballerina so riding a bike was hard for her. LOL we tried to teach her earlier in the spring and she was scared to death she was going to fall, so we didn't push it. It killed me to watch her running behind all the neighborhood kids while they rode off on their bikes.. but you can't make them learn these things. So we waited and low and behold,she got on her brother's bike the other night and just started riding !!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for her, this is a big deal to her! No more running behind and crying because the other kids won't wait up for her! YAY for my girl!

I want to say a big huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet hubby and my Dad. Both their birthday's were yesterday! My hubby was 40 yesterday... and honestly it sort of takes my

breath away because I never really thought I would ever be married to a man who was 40! LOL stupid I know, but it just always seemed so old and well here we are. And scarier yet, I am 5 years away from it myself. YIKES! I wish I could slam on the brakes, my life is flying by and the thought of it makes me feel short of breath and tear up. I have a very short 10 years left with my son.. that thought makes me literally feel ill. But I think God must make teenagers act the way they do in order for us to be able to let them go a little more easily.

I found this picture today while I was looking through old CD's of pictures. My hubby,he still takes my breath away and makes me stomach get butterflies. I will never love another human being like I love this man. We are perfect for each other in every way.

He took this picture of himself early in the morning before he went to work. He is holding a sign that says SHMILY, which is a little love note we share. It stands for See How Much I Love You and every so often we leave these for each other in our cars, coffee cups, ect. This was his original take on it! Melts my heart!

God Bless you and yours! Enjoy your day!


Jen Sue Wild said...

LOL about what your mom said.

I love The pix of your Kidios and there pumpkins. so cute...

Jennie said...

Those jack o'lanterns are awesome!

kimmithylaine said...

Cute pumpkins and that note from your hubby is just the sweetest thing ever!!! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG, your hubby is SUCH A SWEETHEART!!! I love guys that are very macho, but very sugary sweet inside too! :) What a doll!

Love the pumpkins and I'm SO excited for CHLOE! I need to get my Chloe a bike soon. Ugh! I can't believe how fast it is all going by. Really need to cherish the days. You reminded me of this. HUGS! I MISS YOU SO MUCH!
Michelle @ AMM