Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bad Blogger... Good Facebooker!

I apologize for being not such a good blogger as of late. I have been quite caught up in the whole Facebook phenomenon . If you haven't- come join me! :) Do a search for my name Becky Heisler and you should find me! Just a forewarning though- it's highly addictive!

So, I have been busy running my kids around and taking some classes through our church. The kids are starting swim lessons next week- so we will now be running 4 nights a week for a while. It was really nice to sit home tonight and just veg out on the couch with my hubs. Seems like we don't get to do that as often as we would like anymore.

Chloe got her costume this week for her ballet recital in the spring, OMG it's sooo cute. It's black and white and fly away furry and has a big tutu and a furry tail and a cat ear headband. She will be adorable. Can't wait for that!

So excited that American Idol has started again! Yippee, I love that show. I love everything from the most hilarious try-outs right down to the tension filled last weeks. It's fun to watch the contestants evolve over the course of the show. It's amazing when they play back their auditions how far they have really come.

I am excited to share that one of my layouts was chosen to grace the cover of Bella BLVD's first ever catalog! Bella BLVD is a new up and coming scrapbook company out of WISCONSIN and Stephanie the owner and designer is the sweetest. So I can probably share it now that CHA is over and everyone has probably seen it now. My layout is the full layout on the bottom left hand corner. Cool huh ? :) Congrats to Stephanie, I know she did well at CHA!

Let's see- what else is new.. oh yeah I have some cute little pics from when Ashley and the gang came over for some sledding-

Well that's about it for now- I am off to watch Twlight the movie for the 20th time! LOL Can't get enough of it!
God Bless!


Stayce DeWid said...

Its beautiful girl

Meredith Taylor said...

love the pics of the family out in the snow! wish the snow here wasn't so slushy and gross. totally know what you mean about facebook, it gets addicting!

Michell said...

I love the pictures of your family...
Thanks for sharing with us..

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