Friday, February 27, 2009

My new hobby

My mom and I tried painting on rocks! I love gardening and my aunt told me about a book by artist Lin Wellford and I wanted to try painting some rocks for my gardens. She does the most amazing paintings on rocks!!! So, this is my first go at painting some pansies on a rock. It's no Lin Wellford but I am hooked, it was so fun!!! And I really love the idea of using my rock art in my gardens! Can't wait to paint some more.

I have been really busy doing a ton of projects for Creative Memories Project Center. If you haven't check it out yet, you should! CM's March projects go live on Sunday, so be sure to check back after Sunday!

There are a bunch of sneak peeks up of CM's new lines coming out! CM has some really exciting things going on, and some really exciting products coming out in the next couple months. I can't spill the news yet, but when I can I will post all about it. Creative Memories has some new features in their Project Center too, the Project Idea of the Day and a Holiday Idea of the Day. Be sure to check back daily for those during the holidays!

I'll be back after Sunday to post all my new projects!!

God Bless !


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the rock painting! I'll have to try that! Would be cute to see the kids do something like that too.

Michelle @ AMM

Michell said...

Paintings are Fantastic!!
I love these type of paintings..
Thanks for sharing...

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