Saturday, December 09, 2006


Here is a weird little story about what's been happening to me since summer. Since I can remember I have loved Cardinals - the red little birds as well as others like Blue birds. I have been trying to get them to come to my bird feeders since we moved into our house, like 7 years now. One year I had a couple finally come to my feeder, a male and female. Then one winter those dang pesky squirrels knocked my feeder off our back deck(which is high) and it broke and I just haven't replaced it yet. I was so bummed. I couldn't get the blue birds to come to our feeders either. So this summer... all of a sudden we have a male and female blue bird in our yard that I get to see all the time. The weirdest thing that started to happen this spring is every time I go somewhere a Cardinal flies across the road in front of my car. I mean I come close to hitting them sometimes. Now, really.. how often do you see Cardinals ? I never saw them fly across the road before this year and now almost every time I go somewhere, one flies across the road. And it's not just in the same place, it's all over. It's becoming quite symbolic. I am wondering if God is trying to tell me something, or if he is just giving a little gift everyday. A little .. hey Becky I love you and I am watching over you, here is a little gift for you. I was even more convienced this year when I was putting up my Christmas ornaments and I realized I have like 10 Cardinal ornaments!!! I never noticed before, Dan's sister Cathy and his Mom have bought them for me quite a few years and now I have quite the collection. How ironic !! I am not sure what the significance is but I am loving my special little gift !!


Holly Lane said...

Becky that is soo special!
Enjoy your little gift! :D

Leslie said...

I love cardinals too (except the baseball team)

Nicole said...

That's the coolest Becky!
Thanks for sharing:)

Dawn said...

Hiya babe... that's a moving storey...they are your guardian angels watching over you and looking out for you :) and re: the hand-drawn circle thingy on my blog - of course you can, go for it :) xx

.jess. said...

what a cool story!!!!

Lala said...

That is very cool! I have kind of the same thing with Great Blue Herons... whenver I see them I think that the Lord is telling me it is going to be ok, that everyhing will work out.

(I don;t have any Heron ornaments though! LOL )

Great story!! Enjoy those birds!


Anonymous said...

That is awesome. Enjoy it.