Friday, July 20, 2007


I have so busy that I have been overwhelmed at the idea of an update on here! Where do I start, what pics do I post....I have been a picture taking fool. So this post will be very random so good luck following along! ;D
Our 4th was so fun, I loved every minute of the day. We went to the parade,we had a picnic, we swam in our pool all afternoon and then we went to the fireworks. It was just a blast.. no pun intended!
We recently had Daswon my great-nephew here for a couple days, boy oh boy, you don't realize how good you've got it when your kids have gained their independence and can do their own thing for awhile thus, letting you do your own thing for a while.... until you watch a baby again. What a wake up call for me, It was so much fun to have Dawsy here but man it felt good to drop him off at Grandma D's after 2 days and get back to reality. Getting up all hours of the night and having to watch him every minute was quite a shock to this ol' girl! But we had so much fun with him and I sooo missed rocking a baby to sleep. He went to sleep in my arms a couple times a day and I have to say I loved it... I miss that. I even got to give him his first haircut, he looks so big now!
We had some interesting storms roll in the other day and the cloud shot I got is pretty cool. It looks like a funnel cloud forming and you can kind of see the circular motion of the clouds around the little spout coming down. Luckily it was moving so fast we didn't even get a drop of rain really.. but about 10mins east of here got a lot of damage.We were so lucky.
Chloe's birthday was on the 16th, I can't believe my baby is 5 already... unreal! We had a fun day, my mom and I took Chloe and Zach to Chuck E. Cheese's for lunch. They had a lot of fun.
My Mom and Steve had gotten the kids a pool as part of their presents awhile back, whew thanks mom.. that was heaven sent! They use it almost every day!
My Dad and Jo got Chloe a new bike !!! She needed one soooo bad, thanks Dad and Jo!
And we got here a some misc. stuff and a new baby doll, which is the one thing she really wanted. She is really into baby dolls lately. So cute to listen to her talk to them and play momma!
On the scrapbooking home front, I did a guest DT spot last week for the Aussie How Dare You blog. Thanks Susan for asking me!!!! There are some very talented ladies on that team.
There are a ton of DT calls out right now, and I have taken a break from DT's for quite awhile now and I really miss it. I have submitted for quite a few different ones lately so we'll see what happens. I am really in love with Paper Fantastic, it's a Australian based kit club ( I have a fetish with all things Aussie,in scrapbooking. I love their style) and Studio Calico... wow I am sure I don't have a shot in hell of getting on that team but it would be a dream come true. CreativeXpress
is also having a call, so I did put in for that. I have heard soooo many awesome things about working for them and how great the owners are, so I am really hoping for that one. We'll see what happens towards the end of August when all the teams are announced.

Wow now that was an update!
Thanks for visiting!

God Bless!


susan j said...

Oh Becky!! I LOVE the look of those 3 DT's too!! Good luck if you are entering them. Oh and BTW check out Cupcake Scrapbook Shop too. They look really funky!!

Also I forgot to mention that I tagged you and you are now a Funky Girl Blogger. He he he

susan j said...

Are you ever gonna update? You are as bad as me!! LOL