Friday, July 27, 2007

Ok ok Susan, just for you! Geez a girl can't just take a break for a week!!! ;) LOL So I don't really have much to update. I have been busy getting ready for my niece's shower this weekend. My BIL and nephew are coming over tonight and the boys(Dan,Zach, Tim and Caleb) will all be going and helping Dan's brother Chuck move. So now I have to get some cleaning done today yet and then start thinking of something for dinner.
I finally got my MMM layouts done and copies made!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee now I just have to get them sent out.. the package has to be post marked no later than July 31st!!! Hopefully I will be going today and do it. That will be a weight lifted off my shoulders for sure.
Well I was tagged by the oh so talented Susan and she is stalking me to update, so I guess I better.

I guess I can consider myself a Rockin' Girl Blogger since Susan tagged me a Rockin' Girl Blogger and so can these girls that I am tagging. You must list 7 weird/odd or interesting facts about yourself.

1. I love real unsweetened ice tea.
2. I hoard pattern paper and seriously do NOT like to share it. No TOUCHY!!!
3. I have 2 BF's that I have been friends with for over 20 years.
4. I have real friendships with people I have never even met and just chat with online. Most times these friends are there for me more than friends IRL !
5. I would change the paint on my walls at least one a year if I could!
6. I am a movie addict and have been collecting Disney movies since way before I had children.
7. I am a redneck girl at heart. I love all things country- music, camping,fishing,4wheeling, going muddin' (which I haven't done in forever) lifted and LOUD trucks and fast cars.

God Bless!


Lala said...

LOL Oh sure.. tag me?!! LOL Look at your country girl!!