Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The BEST candy in the world

We are the home to the best candy store in the world. It's just a little hole in the wall to look at really, but it carries some of THE best candy/trail mix in the world. I actually rarely go there because it's kind of like the devil's lair but since the Holiday's are in the horizon I thought I would share. You can order directly from their website and have these delicious goodies delivered to your door.... buyer beware, it is very addictive stuff!!!!!
The Bowlby Bits are sooooo yummy on salads too, and the best part is for those who are allergic, they are nut free, but taste just like nuts! Let me know if you order and what you think !!!

God Bless!


Dayami said...

Becky, these look yummy!!!

~Holly~ said...

I'm not looking....I'm not looking...I'm not looking!!